François Monnet :


Born 1951 in France.

Multipurpose artist.

I lived and worked in several European countries including Norway, Denmark, Poland, Scotland and outside of Europe, Turkey.

I express myself through theater, poetry, painting,sculpture, and photography.

Rather than seeing these art forms as separate, I always try to bring them together. In moving from one to the other they enrich each other.

I have created and directed numerous projects in this spirit, in purpose-designed areas, public festivals, private happenings, and unusual places.

Founding member of visual arts Company « Insolite Lights ».

Active member of Compagnie Errance.

Active member of « Story Tellers for Peace ».


As an artistic director :

Le Theatre des Fêtes (Theater of Feasts). 1988 -1993 France

International festival of arts and traditions :“Le printemps des Hautes-Terres”. 1993-1996 France

The Mythological Journey “Mitolojik Yulculuk” - European Kaleïdoscope project. 1998 Turkey and Greece

Insolitelights Company - Founded 2016 within Compagnie Errance – France

As a photographer :

Chemins de Bohème (roads of Bohemia)

Là où j’allume un feu sera ma demeure (Mongolian dream)

Nord profond (Deep North) with the poems of Norwegian Olav H. Hauge

Saltets Vej (The salt road)

As an author/translator :

Nord Profond , Poems by Olav H.Hauge from the Nynorsk; Edit: Bleu Autour 2008, 2011, France

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Photography :