Sweden, Stockholm and surroundings.

"I have chosen Sweden because this country has done meaningful steps toward an understanding of the migratory problems which put most of Europe in a questioning, and because this country has found encouraging solutions to tackle this demographic and cultural challenges, which can be an example.

So, as an artist I feel to join forces where there is intelligence and good will, not pretending to have the answer to what troubles many of our European citizens but with the conviction that as artists we can help build social peace". François Monnet, initiator and artistic director of the project.


The project can be extended as a model to other places in Sweden or in Europe.


Each of the several periods for building the birds will be hosted in a different place.

It is a travelling project, a nomadic adventure !

The idea is also to cross borders, social borders between the countryside and cities, suburbs and the historic centres.


In choosing the locations we will be in dialogue with local cultural actors to find the perfect place for the events.

Is there an old amphitheatre that has been forgotten and that deserves to be revived,

is there an area in town that needs to be uplifted,

is there an inauguration of a new square where our birds can help to attract attention,

then that is where the events will happen.

The events will be site specific and designed to revive, give life to, renew the use of, and colour the town with the print of art and the sense of being human together.